The 3rd Week

From June 21st to the 27th



The key block is so named because it is the block from which the process
of print making begins . Blocks of yama-zakura ( wild cherry ) are very
good for making the key block.

The first carving

The second carving

In making the key block, several tools are necessary: a knife, several types of chisel, a mallet, and a whetstone.

The first carving

The 4th Week

From June 28th to July 4th

Starting the third carving

Hoping it will be the last carving step, I have just started the third carving.



The first carving

The third carving


The second carving

From July 5th to the 18th

Comparison: results of the second carving (B) and third carving (C)

In order to concentrate my attention
on a small portion of the block, I mask
off the rest with newspaper.

The second carving